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  There is a good spirit of learning, although it is a security, but the main office units still have to have some basic understanding, so when the guard area to receive foreign personnel can have some simple introduction, so that the visitors more targeted.


  Safety can be said to be available to every unit or enterprise. It is one of the personnel that must be provided by these units and enterprises. However, there is a big difference between recruitment and selection of security personnel. Generally speaking, security personnel are trained from regular companies.


  Be sensitive enough. In order to be safe, the most important responsibility is to protect the safety of the property of the unit, the safety of the life of the crew, and so on. So a good security has a strong sensitivity, and the characteristics of the import and export have a basic judgment, and then we can find the potential contradictions and threats, so as to ensure the life and property in a timely manner. All.


  Love this job is the most basic security requirements, as a security, first of all to love the job, to have a clear understanding of their own posts, at the same time, serious responsibility, grasp the post, can not leave the duty, as a security should do. At the same time, we should do a good job and work hard.


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